SCHO/* Q43  J8695B/42 ★FR2414 - 098
Modular construction system for building - uses precast units of square angled trough section placed vertically side by side or superimposed horizontally
SCHOFFER N 10. 01. 78 - FR -000537 (07. 09. 79) E04b-01/18
The modular building system utilizes prefabricated units which present a recess facing internally or externally. The units are placed side by side or superimposed one on the other, and may be of a uniform square angled trough section installed vertically or horizontally.
A thermally or acoustically insulating seal may be provided between adjacent units, the recesses being utilized for storage or shelving etc. Joints with floor or roof slabs may be made by simple tongue and grooving, or alternatively a false ceiling may be incorporated with joists interposing the walls and the roof stricture.
10. 1.78 as 000537 (9pp l092)
建筑物模结构体系——使用预制构件形成方槽,其安放方式 可以垂直并列安放或水平层叠安放。
相邻单元之间可设置隔声或隔热缝,凹入部分可以用作贮藏室或壁橱等。楼板或屋面板可以用简单的企口接缝或者装吊一个 平顶,平顶筋插入墙壁和屋架。