They couldn't afford to raise any objections even if they’d wanted to.
  They can afford me no aid.
  He could not afford to wait till the next day before seeing Thomasin and detailing his plan***
       他恨不得马上就见朵马荪,去把他的计划详详细细对她陈述 出来,连第二天都等不得…

       We cannot afford to drift.
  By the end of eleven years, however, Mrs. Price could no longer afford to cher?ish pride or resentment, or to lose one connection that might possibly assist her.
  Would the union help by lending money enough to provide a five-dollar stake for each volunteer who could not afford it?
  A poor person cannot afford to get sick.
  The fast-growing cities, moreover, afforded the largest public America had yet known for the appreciation of letters and arts, and greatly increased the chances for the discovery of talent in all fields.
  此外,这些迅速扩大的城市使美国有史以 来最广泛的民众得以欣赏文学和艺术,并且大大地增加了 发现各方面才能的机会。
  Then he had read newspaper reports of the stealthy goings and comings of rebel spies in our midst, and of their lurid purposes and their two or three startling achievements, till his imagination was all aflame on that subject.
  后来他又看到报纸上报道叛军的间谍到 我们这边来潜伏活动的情况,以及他们那可怕的企图和两 三次轰动一时的成功,结果他的脑子里就把这个问题想入非非了。
  And in addition he was aflame with democracy.
  Perhaps it was…the mere accident of our having en?tered the school upon the same day, which set afloat the no?tion that we were brothers.
  Stories were afloat of a mysterious figure being occasionally seen in some old overgrown trackway or other, remote from turnpike roads ...

       “I cannot understand what is afoot unless I see for myself,” Churchill once said.
  I suppose that was because they always used to put the biggest fool afore …

       But I can’t help being afraid.
  Mitch, though, was never afraid.
  “I am afraid, Sergeant.” she said hurriedly, “that you’ ll have to go now.”
  I am afraid the baronet, whose name you are unwilling to mention to me, has done you some grievous wrong?
  Richard was a brave warrior. He was afraid of nothing,and no savage beast was more fond of fighting.
  He felt that his life at school had been a failure. He wanted to start afresh.
  他觉得学校生活很失意, 想从头再来.
  After the African trip Jung was seized by a new urge.
  He was after his favorite sport of squirrel shooting …
  The big comfortable bedroom all seemed very great luxury af?ter the Guttingens.
  这舒适的卧室比起葛廷庚 来就豪华多了。
  Buck did not like it, but he bore up well to the work, taking pride in it after the manner of Dave.
  布克不喜欢这种工作,不过他坚持了下来, 效法德夫以辛勤劳动为荣。
  …said he, as he returned from attending them to their carriage after the said din?ner visit.
  那次宴罢,他把她们送上马车之后回来 时说道…

       If you make a bad shot and started one hog screaming, all the others would be after you.
  You re going to be a very rich woman and all the sharks and the confidence tricksters and the rest of them will be after you.
       Now, although Saum was rich and great, he was very unhappy; for he had no son to rule his kingdom after him.
  萨阿姆虽然富有而且声威赫赫,但他很不愉快;因为他没有儿子来继承他统治 他的王国。
  What’s good for one is bad for another, and you won't know till after.
  对一个人是好的东西,对另 一个人却不见得好,而不到时过境迁,你没法知道。
  After they had crawled over that, they could stand up and proceed, bent over, behind its cover.
  一俟登上 那曲面,他们便可凭借地形的掩护,站起身猫腰前进了。
  Then will I show sign after sign and portent after portent in the land of Egypt.
  Our allies are the millions who hunger and thirst after righteousness.
  那些对正义如饥似渴的千百万人民, 就是我们的盟友.
  I'm after bread.
  “ Yes, I did, Mr. Lobbs. I did come after your daughter. I love her, Mr. Lobbs,” said Nathaniel.
  I dare say he was in love with you after a fashion.
  After all, it was he who was chiefly humiliated.
  I began to feel that there was something after all in Ernest’s contention.
  我开始感到安纳斯特声色俱厉的话到底有一点儿 道理.
  After all, we know what’s been done, and it's been according to contract and specifications.
  横竖咱们都知道已经下了什么功夫,一切都是按照合同和规 定办的。
  After all, Joygopal is your husband.
  After all, hadn't it been his own perennial scores upon scores of cockfights that had earned it?
  说到底,这难道不是他自己用 一盘又一盘的小斗鸡赢来的钱积攒起来的吗?
  The two perspiring ants decide that dried grasshopper legs are a poor sort of property after all.
  After all, he had found the way to this place.
  不管怎么说,是他发 现了送条路的。
  And after all, why was he here?