[1]The Ertan project on the Yalongjiang River in Southern Sichuan, will have a total generating capacity of 3.3 million kilowatts. It will be China’s first super-hydropower station, ranking ahead of the Gezhouba and Longyangxia stations, which currently are the biggest on the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. The Gezhouba power station has a generating capacity of 2.715 million kilowatts and Longyangxia has a capacity of 1.89 million kilowatts.
  [1]位于四川南部雅砻江上的二滩工程,总发电量将达330万千瓦,将超过当前长 江上与黄河上的最大水电站葛洲坝水电站和龙羊峡水电站成为中国第一座超级水电站。 葛洲坝水电站的发电能力为271.5万千瓦,龙羊峡水电站为189万千瓦。
  [2]The main construction of the Ertan project will include a double curve arch dam with a maximum height of 240 meters, two spillway tunnels, an underground powerhouse and a manmade lake with a storage capacity of 5.8 billion cubic meters. The dam will be the third biggest in the world, only after the 272-meter Inguri dam, in the Soviet Union, and the 262-meter Vajoint dam, in Italy.
  [2]二滩工程的主要建设任务将包括一座双的曲线拱形大坝,最高达240米,两座 溢流涵洞,一座地下发电厂,以及一个储水量高达58亿立方米的巨大人工湖。二滩大坝 将成为世界第三高坝,仅次于苏联272米高的因果里大坝和意大利262米高的瓦乔依恩 特大坝。
  [3]Annual electricity production will amount to 17 billion kilowatt hours, about half of the present electricity output in China’s most populous province.
  [3]二滩电站年发电量将达170亿度,约为目前四川发电量的一半。这将大大减轻 中国人口最稠密省份的严重缺电现象。
  [4]Sun Zhongbi, general manager of the Ertan Hydro-electric Development Corporation, said that the World Band had approved the evaluation report for the project, and all the technical negotiations and legal arrangements for the loan had been completed.
  [4]二滩水电开发公司总经理孙中弼说,世界银行已经比准了该工程的评价报告, 所有有关贷款的技术谈判和法律安排已经完成。
  [5]He said eight companies from Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and China tendered for the construction of the dam and underground workshops two years ago. The generating units and other equipment will also be purchased through international bidding.
  [5]他说,两年前,来自意大利、法国、德国、瑞士和中国的八家公司就曾投标承 建二滩大坝和地下发电厂。电站的发电装置和其他设备也将通过国际投标来购买。
  [6]As one of several super hydro-electric power station, Ertan has worked out a high-quality bidding document after consultation with Harza Engineering Company International.
  [6]作为几座超级水电站中的一座,二滩水电站在向哈泽国际工程公司咨询之后, 已经制订了高质量的投标文件。