Performance Security Form

To                     (Name of the purchaser)
致                     (买方名称)
WHEREAS               (Name of the Supplier), hereinafter called “ the Supplier”,has undertaken to supply           (Description of Goods) in pursuance of Contract No.           dated     20   ,hereinafter called “the Contract” ;
根据20            日签署的_              号合同(以下简称“合同”),                (供方名称)已承诺提供           (货物名称)。
AND WHEREAS it has been stipulated by you in the Contract the Supplier shall finish you with a Bank Guarantee by a recognized Bank for the sum specified therein as security for compliance with the Supplier’s performance obligations in accordance with the Contract;
按照你们所签署合同规定,供方将向你们提交一份由认可的银行按合同规定的金额所开具的履约保证金保函,以保证供方严格按照合同履行自己的责 任。
AND WHEREAS we have agreed to give the Supplier a Guarantee; THEREFORE WE hereby affirm that we Guarantors and responsible to you, on behalf of the Supplier,up to a total of  ( Amount of the Guarantee in Words and Figures) and we undertake to pay you, upon your first written demand declaring the Supplier to be in default under the Contract, and without cavil or argument, any sum or sums as specified by you,within the limit of                 (Amount of Guarantee) as aforesaid, without your needing to prove or to show grounds or reasons for your demand or the sum specified therein.
鉴于我行已同意给供方开具履约保函,我们谨在此确认我行为担保方,并代表供方负责提供最高额为                (保函金数额)的保证金。我们保证,在第一次收到你方说明供方违约要求赔偿的通知后,我行将毫无争议地,在不超过保函最高金额的范围内,立即向你方支付要求赔偿的金额,而不需要你方陈述任何理由或原因。
This guarantee is valid until      day of       , 20            .
本保函有效期至20 年          日止。
Authorized Representative (授权代表签字)