ENGH①   D15②       62855 D/35(D = US4289 -531④
Recovery of precious metals from soln. 一 by contact with feathers, hair, hoof meal or horn meal ⑤
ENGELHARD MINERALS CORP® 12. 02. 80 - US -120801 ⑦
J01 M25 ⑧(15.09.81)⑨        *GB2069 -472 ⑩ C22b - 11/04
C22b - 23 + C22b - 15 C22b -19⑪
12. 02. 80⑫      as 120801 ⑬     (397MR)⑭
Removal of metals selected from one or more of Pt, Rh, Pd, Ru, Au, Ag, Ir, Zn, Al, Fe, Cu, Ni and Sn from aq. soln, by adding at least one unmodified proteinaceous material selected from feathers, hair, hoof meal and hom meal. The materials are left in contact for sufficient time for the protein to react with the metal before sepg. the metal combined with the proteinaceous material.
Pref. the materials are left in contact for at least one hour at 5 -90 deg. C.
The method is esp. suitable for the recovery of Pt, Pd and Rh metals from soln, esp. industrial waste solns. (6pp)